About us

Who we are?

We are Daniel, Stan and Wlad and we wake up every morning to deliver you delicious breakfast food at your office! Dani is from Baden and after having studied at the EHL and worked in the hotel industry, he decided to put his energy and passion for food to make Dalou the best catering company in Switzerland!Stan is from Paris but is a real citizen of the world! After having created a successful startup on his university campus in England, he decided to join the Dalou adventure to bring happiness with food in the busy work-life of everyday workers!Wlad is the original founder of Dalou and always wanted to become a chef! He was shocked to see that 30% of office workers skip breakfast because of time constraints! So he decided to create an easy platform where people could order delicious food at the office!:

From Berlin to London:

Dalou was founded in January 2016 by Wlad, a french student living in London. After having worked for Foodora in Berlin - a premium food delivery startup - he noticed two major problems in food delivery: there was nothing for breakfast, and nothing answering the needs of companies. Companies were left out with old-fashioned, expensive, and bad quality catering!So he decided to create a new food delivery concept in London that would guarantee quality of products, choice to fit everybody’s dietary preferences, and convenience when placing an order.The London experience proved the viability of the concept, and Wlad decided to take Dalou to a professional level. That’s how Stan Jallot, a friend of Wlad, joined the team to help Dalou grow!.

From London to Zurich!

Stan and Wlad started very well together, by being selected in the famous Kickstart Accelerator in Zürich. This accelerator program, located in the EWZ-Unterwerk Selnau, was initiated by the willingness of a group of CEOs (Ringier, Swisslife, Swisscom, UBS, Credit Suisse, etc.) to bring innovation to Switzerland.This accelerator selected 30 startups out of 950 applicants and we were one of them! It was an incredible opportunity for our team, so we decided to move to Zürich. After a month of hard work, we launched Dalou in Zürich with first clients such as Credit Suisse, Swisscom and Swisslife. Can’t be more Swiss, can we?!.

Where are we today?

Dalou has been serving delicious breakfast to hundreds of companies in the city of Zürich, and has decided to become Swiss! We are now called « Dalou AG » and intend to continue our development in the Zürich area and then expand to other cities in Switzerland!

Our mission:

We want to make catering easy & convenient. Enough of complicated orders? with us, you can order breakfast food for your morning meetings, events or workshops in 1 minute. And you just need to place your order 1 day before the delivery! Enough of bad quality juice and dried croissants? With us, you are guaranteed to get quality products. We work with local & artisanal partners in Zürich such as John Baker, Stiftung St. Jakob, MONO and Troi Food! Enough of ordering too much food and having to throw it away? With us, you have the possibility to invite your colleagues to choose their own breakfast! Yes, you just need to set a budget per person, enter their email addresses, and they will receive an email with a link where they can choose their own yummy breakfast...

Our vision

We want to make catering great again! Today, catering has become a luxury good, boring and often synonym of bad quality and food waste. We are here to make catering delicious, convenient and affordable. We aim therefore to deliver our fresh breakfast food to all offices in Zürich and other cities in Switzerland, before we start conquering the moon!

Why breakfast?

Dalou focuses on breakfast for a simple reason: we are strong believers that « breakfast is the most important meal of the day ». But too many skip it today. People have no time, busy lifestyles, and we end up arriving at the office tired and with nothing in the belly. That’s why we want you and your company to organise your meetings, events and workshops in the morning with fresh and healthy yogurts and croissants, rather than in the afternoon with boring salads and sandwiches. It’s the best way to start the day fresh, and to be productive for the rest of the day. Dalou uses technology to make it convenient for you to place an order, and works with local artisans to offer you the most delicious food in town!