Was ist Dalou?

Dalou delivers fresh breakfast at your office. If you want breakfast everyday for your team, or if you organise a special event at your office, or if you have a business meeting, Dalou is here for you. We work with local & artisanal partners to guarantee fresh food delivered to your office!

Wo liefern Sie hin?

At the moment, we deliver in certain areas of the city of Zürich (in yellow bellow). If we don’t deliver to your area yet, please write us a message at contact@dalou.ch and we’ll try to make it ;).

Wann liefern Sie?

We deliver from 07:30am to 11:30am from Monday to Friday. So you can order from us for early breakfast or even an early lunch!.

Was ist der Minimalbetrag?

Yes, we can deliver to your office for orders above 24 CHF..

How can I pay?

You have three options:

1. Debit/credit card: we accept payments made by Visa, MasterCard, American Express.
2. Invoice: we charge a small admin fee of 6 CHF for invoice payments.
3. Cash-on-delivery: you can pay by cash when we deliver. We kindly ask you to prepare the exact amount of money for the deliveryman to collect. If you do not have the exact amount, we will send give the money difference in the form of a voucher.

When is the deadline to order?

You can order until 2pm, the day before. So for example, if you want a breakfast delivered at 8:00am on Tuesday, you have until Monday at 2pm to place the order.

Is there a delivery fee

We charge a small delivery fee of 8 Fr. per delivery!

What is special about Dalou?

With Dalou, everybody chooses it own food! You just need to set a budget and enter the email addresses of your colleagues. They will receive an invitation by email to choose their own food! Check out this video demo to see how it works!

What happens if the people I invited do not choose their breakfast?

Relax. We will send a reminder email 1 day before. If the person still does not choose its breakfast, we will make a nice selection for that person.

Kann ich meine Auswahl verändern?

Yes, you have until 2pm the day before to click the same link and choose again from the menu!

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can cancel until 14h the day before your breakfast. You just need to message us at contact@dalou.ch We will reimburse you the full amount of your order.

Can I have a special deal and/or partnership with Dalou?

Yes, please contact Stan stan@dalou.ch to discuss the arrangements of the partnership. For example, if you would like to order a standard breakfast at your office on a regular basis.

Do you produce the food yourself?

No, we select the best products of the best partners in the City of Zürich, and bring it all together for you! Ordering on dalou.ch means that you receive the best breads from John Baker, the freshest hand-pressed orange juices from Berri AG, the tastiest bagels from Troi Food, and so on. We work with only professional artisans to guarantee the best food quality for you. We are constantly looking for feedback and new menu ideas, so don’t hesitate to write us at contact@dalou.ch

Did you know?

In Switzerland, 30% of the people don’t eat breakfast because they don’t have time. And many of these people arrive at work hungry, sleepy, with no energy. And 70% of the Swiss declared that the two most important factors for breakfast are the healthiness and rapidity of the meal. Dalou is here for you!

Do you have press references?

Yes! We have been features in Ronorp.https://www.ronorp.net/zuerich/rons-tipps/lesenswert.992/stadtkolumnen-zuerich.643/dalou-catering-made-easy.827983